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Typically, the greatest interest for a property happens within the first weeks it is on the market. We effectively capitalize on this by getting all our "ducks in a row" as it is said, before we go live. Buyers know what they are looking for and are watching the market for new listings. As soon as your listing shows up in their internet searches or mailbox (physical or email), we want your property to capture their attention and create a need for action.

An important piece in carefully crafting your property's marketing plan is to commission a portfolio of photographs by a professional photographer. This is not just a snapshot or two, it is an orchestrated series - the most interesting angles, the ideal time of day, the most compelling features - all designed to share the story of a home. These photographs are smartly used in all efforts to market your property, one of the first being a professional property brochure which combines images with an attention-getting and thoughtful property description. We aim to skillfully market your home to make the impact it deserves. For these and many more added values, you pay nothing more. It is simply the advantage of hiring Kara Eisenga. Set up an interview with Kara to hear more about the many benefits of selling your home with the help of an expert.